God’s Goodness is Not Canceled - by Carly Mainland

A much anticipated vacation has been canceled, and I’ve cried a few times. At first I felt guilty because hello this is a vacation, not our jobs being canceled or our income or our health or the health of those we care about... but with that in perspective I’m choosing to still feel what I’m feeling. I’m letting myself be disappointed about it and then I’m turning my gaze towards all that is not canceled.

This is sad but God’s goodness is not canceled. Joy is not canceled- good food is not canceled- being outside is not canceled. Love and connection is not canceled. Joy on my kids faces is not canceled, or fun or dancing or singing. Things have felt so quiet lately but laughter is not canceled. Bread is not canceled and neither are chocolate chip cookies or curry. We don’t have my favorite tea right now, but tea time with our little cups is not canceled and we can adjust, this thing right here in front of me, it’s different than I was expecting, but it can still be good. I can still be grateful. I can put the spring break clothes away, or wear them with my snow boots and find a new plan for these weeks. Because Jesus is enough, He is still good, still all that I need for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. Craft time isn’t canceled- but also I can also cancel all those plans and we can watch all the toy story’s and cry too, and that can be good too. Also The Mask of Zoro is on Netflix right now and it felt important for you to know.

Author:  Carly Mainland


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