How YOU Getting Through This? - By Cheryl Grigsby

One of these days, we’ll look back on this time and say to one another “Wow!  How did we get though that??”

How are YOU getting through it?

Here are a few ways I’m getting through it:

-     Remembering what I KNOW is true.  It’s important to distinguish what is speculation from what you know is truth.  What do I know, for sure?  That God is good.  He’s always been good.  He never changes.  He loves us.  He’s never surprised.  Now is the time  to review daily and many times a day the foundation our faith is built on.  Some things are within my control and some things aren’t.  They things that aren’t belong to the Lord.  Don’t mess with the Lord’s stuff!
-     Speaking to my soul.  Unless I’m careful, my mind can run away with speculating, imagining all sorts of things that haven’t happened.  I remember how David in the Psalms speaks to his own soul.  “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me?  Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”  Ps. 43:5  Sometimes I just have to say to myself, “Stop!  Calm down and remember who He is and what He does, all He’s promised.”  A Bible study teacher told me once to treat wandering thoughts like an unruly child.  Admonish them and dismiss them! 
-     All eyes on Jesus!  We’ve heard this a few times, right?  I LOVE Matthew 14:25-33.  This is the account where Jesus walks on water.  Peter asks Jesus to command him to come and to walk toward Jesus on the water.  Peter began well but the Bible says when he “saw” the wind, he became frightened and began to sink.  He SAW wind?  I’ve never SEEN the wind, only the effects of the wind.  Maybe the point is he saw what he couldn’t see.  What are some things I can’t see?
                        How long will this uncertainty last?
                        Will anyone I know get sick?
                        Will anyone I love get sick?
                        Will I get sick?

No one apart from God can answer these questions and thus, I say to my soul:  stop “seeing” the wind and get your eyes back on Jesus!  Without a doubt, we will get through this.

Author:  Cheryl Grigsby


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