My Hope in Him Alone - by Carly Mainland

I will not place my hope:
In temperatures on the thermometer.
In certain items on the grocery store shelf.
Nor my ability to predict tomorrow or next month.
I will not place my hope or security in my emotional stability or my children’s behavior, nor the presence of certain comforts I’m still able to enjoy.

I place my hope in Him alone.
The unchanging, ever present, loving God, who is available and active. Who knows my yesterdays and tomorrows and has secured eternity for me.
I will fix my gaze on Him again and again.
He never fails, even as my own vision may, He never does. 🌡
This little one has had a fever on and off over the past few days. In these crazy times we have no other option but to assume it could be covid-19 and totally quarantine for two weeks.
Honestly, the constant changes and roller coaster of emotions of the last few weeks has started to feel like the new normal- and we’re finding peace in the Lord. Grateful for the incredible reality of His body’s love and support in this time and continuing to leave tomorrow in His hands. Today has enough trouble of its own for real. ❤️

Author:  Carly Mainland


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